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We Will Never Forget Them.


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Recalling the meaning of peace

The UN Forces First Battle Memorial is a space of culture and education designed to promote mutual understanding and a sense of cooperation while remembering the precious sacrifices made by the UN soldiers who participated in the Korean War which started on June 25, 1950.

Remembering the costs of war ensures that we continually strive for peace; the peace that we enjoy today means so much more when we remember the sacrifices that it took to create.

The value of peace and freedom is not gained of itself but is created by continual efforts.

The scars of the war before you have transformed into a cultural place containing diverse educational and environmental contents, including the development of a history park and an exploratory tour service, with storytelling, and the founding of the Memorial.

The Memorial will become an asset and a valuable history to be cherished and inherited by our descen-dants, a place for remembering the great sacrifices made guaranteeing the current peace and a happy future, rather than merely a disastrous scene of a distant war.

President of UN Forces First Battle Memorial  KIM, DONG-HEUI